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Gordon Giltrap

Gordon Giltrap and Oliver Wakeman 2012

Gordon Giltrap and Oliver Wakeman 2012

Guitar Legend and the next generation of keyboard wizardry join forces!

September and October 2012 will see guitar legend Gordon Giltrap and keyboardist Oliver Wakeman (fresh from 4 years of touring with the classic progressive rock band YES) performing together for the first UK leg of their 'Ravens & Lullabies' tour.

In early 2012, Gordon contacted Oliver with a request for his keyboards services for an album idea he had. Within 24 hours the initial idea had changed beyond recognition and a full blown collaborative project was in the works. Oliver and Gordon have embarked upon this new chapter in their careers and are currently finishing their debut album 'Ravens & Lullabies'.

Featuring a variety of guitars and keyboards, which are their tools in trade, these shows will be the first public performances of a selection of pieces from the new album as well as new arrangements of classic material from both of their retrospective careers.

One of the most innovative acoustic guitarists in the UK today, Gordon Giltrap has developed his own unique style, much copied, but never bettered. It is impossible not to be awestruck as he coaxes incredible melodies from his instruments; you almost suspect a second pair of hands. He is well known for his varied musical output and 'Heartsong' (a hit single from the album 'Perilous Journey' in 1977) is instantly recognized as the theme for the BBC TV's long running 'Holiday' programme.

Following ten solo albums in a variety of styles, Oliver Wakeman joined the legendary band 'YES' in 2008, touring with them up until mid-2011. A live CD and triple vinyl release, 'In The Present - Live from Lyon', was a fitting bookend to his period in the band. He also worked with the folk rock band 'The Strawbs' and appeared on their last studio album as well as their 40th Anniversary CD release. Appearing in venues across North and South America, Europe and the UK with YES, Strawbs and as a solo artist, he has become a well respected live performing musician to add to his other talents as composer, songwriter, lyricist, arranger and producer.

Gordon says "Working with Oliver is like a breath of fresh air. I knew of his reputation as a fine musician, and it made perfect sense for me to tap into his creative energy, not only to bring out certain elements of my musical gifts but to create something new and exciting, at the same time giving a nod in the direction of our respective Progressive Rock roots"

Oliver adds, "After working with YES, the chance of working with another legendary artist was an opportunity too good to miss. I am having a wonderfully productive time working with Gordon and feel we are creating something genuinely unique in our 'Raven's & Lullabies' project."
The tour starts on the 22nd of September 2012 at Huntingdon Hall in Worcester and continues through into late October.

So, with their collective histories and talents to draw inspiration from, be prepared for an evening of beautiful compositions, wit and charm from these two virtuosos.


The tour is now under way and receiving great reviews. I filmed the first night and put together a trailer to give people the feel of the show. If you enjoy this, why not try to get along to a show ? Dates below.....

Ravens and Lullabies Tour Dates 2012

22nd Sept
Huntingdon Hall, Worcester
www.worcesterlive.co.uk - 01905 611 427

27th Sept
The Playhouse, Weston Super Mare
www.theplayhouse.co.uk - 01934 645544

29th Sept
Trowbridge Arts Festival
www.trowbridgeartsfestival.co.uk - 01722 321744

2nd Oct
Band on The Wall, Manchester
www.bandonthewall.org - 0161 834 1786 or 08452 500500

3rd Oct
Hunter Hall School, Penrith, Cumbria - SOLD OUT
Call for details - 01768 864024

4th Oct
Hunter Hall School, Penrith, Cumbria
Call for details - 01768 864024

12th Oct
Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham
www.guildhallartscentre.com - 01476 406158

13th Oct
The Wesley Centre, Maltby
www.classicrocksociety.co.uk - 01327 310088

17th Oct
Farnham Maltings, Farnham
www.farnhammaltings.com - 01252 745444

18th Oct
The Brook Theatre, Chatham
www.medwayticketslive.co.uk - 01634 338338

19th Oct
Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham
www3.hants.gov.uk/Ashcroft - 01329 223100

26th Oct
The Junction, Goole
www.junctiongoole.co.uk - 01405 763 652

28th Oct
St. Michael's Church
Bishops Itchington, West Midlands - 01926 613466


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Completed Sites

Gordon Giltrap

Gordon Giltrap


Gordon's was the first site I worked on. He already had an existing site, but felt it was time for a change. He asked me if I would take over the task of building and running his site for him. We wanted a new site that was more comprehensive and updated much more frequently.

After a lot of research, I came across the Slab500 sites, and knew that the format would be perfect for Gordon. It allows me to provide far more details about events such as concerts and other news and because older items can be archived rather then deleted, it gives his fans an ever increasing resource.
Quote from Gordon:
'Sue.....it's getting better by the day this old site of ours, you really are a star!  
Will NEVER take for granted your outstanding input to this site, you're a one off and irreplaceable.
Thanks to Mike also...such good pals.'

The reaction to the new site from users was amazing and led on to requests to work on sites for other people.
Wow, absolutely super site Gordon, congratulations Sue.
I love the links, and so much to play and watch!
It all runs sweetly, but it's going to take me a little while to explore all the sophisticated bits!
Christine & David

This is fantastic. A hugely better site than before, which I thought was workmanlike, but not very attractive or user-friendly. This is a great leap forward for Gordon. Well done Sue.  
Peter L

Wow indeed, David!!
Superb job Sue - Absolutely Fabulous!! - Well Done!!
The new appearance is really great, but the additional functionality you have built in is truly fantastic.
Congratulations Gordon, and I wish you and Sue much well earned success with your new Site.
Now, back to ogling those guitars ...  

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Sue Holton Web services

A SlabMedia site for you

A SlabMedia site for you
My role working as an affiliate with SlabMedia came about after the success of Gordon's site, when word spread and I was approached by other people to work on a new site for them. This is not a full time job for me - I do it because I enjoy it.

Although the SlabMedia sites can be built be someone with no special knowledge of computers, it is still an advantage to be fairly confident in IT, understand some html and know a little about how the Internet works - things such as domain names and servers.

Why should you let me build a site for you ?

Not everyone has the spare time or IT confidence to work on a new website themselves. I particularly enjoy setting up sites for musicians - I leave the music to them, they often choose to leave the website to me !

The Slab system itself is a CMS ( Content Management System ) and like all new computer programmes, involves a steep  initial learning curve as you come to terms with how everything relates and functions. By employing me to oversee your site, you get the benefit of my experience with the system, saving yourself time and all the head scratching involved when things don't work as you expect and you get a first class website without all the hassle.

What happens First ?

The first stage is a long chat to find out exactly what you have in mind - do you already have a domain name? what functions are required? and how the site should look etc. I'll explain how the Slab system can provide the results you want. Sites can be very sleek and simple, or more elaborate with video, music, shopping facilities etc. Whatever the required mix, it can be done with Slab, and if more modules are needed later they can always be added.

Once the modules have been set up by Jim and Catherine, I then add all the content and lay everything out as required. If you have an existing website, I can adapt content from that and the new site can retain the domain name, or a new name can be acquired. Obviously you'll need to supply me with all the information and photos that are to be included on the site, this can be by email or on a cd in the post.

Some clients have very specific ideas regarding the look of the site, others will just say something like " I'd like it to be blue."  You can choose to be as involved in the design process as you like. Ultimately, design work is done and applied to the site by Jim and Catherine from SlabMedia.

Can you show me some example sites ?

To find out more about the sites I have worked on so far, choose from the list in the Completed Sites category on the right hand menu.

What will it cost ?

So, now you ask, " how much will this cost me?" Well, the answer will vary depending on the number and type of modules purchased from Slab, and the amount of time it takes me to input the content, pull everything together and get the site live on the World Wide Web. The prices however are very reasonable and extremely competitive.

Once completed, sites need to be hosted on Slab's servers in the USA for technical reasons, for which a small monthly fee is charged.

Then what ?

At this point, some people decide to take over the updating of their new site themselves, in which case I'll happily give them lessons and advice on how to do so. Alternatively you can sit back and continue to let me do all the work - just notify me of the changes you need, and pay me by the hour, it's your choice....

If this sounds like something you would interest you, please get in touch using the details on the Contact page, and I'll give you more information.

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Gordon Giltrap

Scotland and Ireland

Scotland and Ireland

I am the booking agent for all Gordon Giltrap events in Scotland and Ireland, and I also handle all his private bookings.

Gordon's latest CD is a collaboration with piano genius Rick Wakeman. Called 'From Brush and Stone' it was released Feb 09 and ia available via a dedicated micro-website or visit Gordon's website for more information.
Over the past forty years, Gordon Giltrap has graced the music business with his dedication to his craft and his affection for his audience. As one of the UK's most respected guitarists, he has consistently proved the adage that respect cannot be bought. It must be earned.

Gordon was born on 6 April 1948, at the British Home for Mothers and Babies in Brenchley, Kent. The son of a labourer, he grew up in an austere but protective community of terraced houses in Deptford, south-east London. His obsession with stringed instruments began nine years later, when a friend turned up at the house with an out-of-tune Spanish guitar. Keen to encourage his new hobby, his parents bought him a plastic ukulele with a picture of Elvis on the headstock, then a Martin Coletti archtop jazz guitar with a sunburst finish and a brown canvas case. Without a teacher to guide him, Gordon unwittingly taught himself a hybrid technique of plectrum and little finger, but in doing so, created the individual sound that is still his trademark.

Gordon joined his first band when barely in his teens, and relished the opportunity to play songs by his idols - Cliff Richard, The Shadows and The Everly Brothers. He set his sights on Art College, but bowed to his father's insistence that he learn "a trade", and unenthusiastically grafted his way through a series of unrewarding jobs. He continued to play the guitar in his spare time, and in November 1966, his individuality and passion earned him a recording contract with Transatlantic. Gordon served his apprenticeship as a singer/songwriter on the London folk club circuit, and his self-titled debut album was released in 1968. Each subsequent album broke new ground, and he developed a extraordinary repertoire while establishing a reputation for thrilling live performances.

In the late Seventies, Gordon enjoyed a brief spell as a pop star, with a hit album 'Perilous Journey' and two hit singles 'Heartsong' and 'Fear of the Dark'. 'Heartsong' was nominated for an Ivor Novello Award, and is fondly remembered as the theme tune to the BBC's Holiday programme. 'Fear of the Dark' was the first 12-inch colour picture disc to be released in the UK, and featured a heavily-made-up and unflattering image of what was then being marketed as The Gordon Giltrap Band. All the musical trends at the time were moving away from acoustic music, and Gordon retreated gracefully from the pop spotlight.

Over the years, Gordon has worked with an amazingly broad range of artists, from rock musicians such as Brian May, Rick Wakeman and Midge Ure to the jazz virtuoso Martin Taylor, the classical guitarist Raymond Burley and the London Symphony Orchestra. In 1996, Gordon realised a dream of playing guitar alongside Cliff Richard, on stage in Cliff's West End musical Heathcliff. As well as performing in the role of The Troubadour, Gordon arranged the overture and wrote two pieces of music.

Gordon has been a keen supporter of arthritis and leukaemia charities. In 2000 Gordon felt very honoured to be invited to become a member of The Grand Order of Water Rats...The GOWR is the oldest show business charity in the UK and has among its members Rick Wakeman, Brian May, John Lodge (Moody Blues), Joe Brown, Bert Weedon, Jim Marshall and recently Nico McBrain the drummer with Iron Maiden. Past Water Rats include Charlie Chaplin, Sir John Mills, Tommy Cooper and many more.

His first performance DVD - 'Live At Huntingdon Hall' - was released in 2003, and reveals the ample skill and charm of one of this country's national treasures. In 2005, Gordon staged a special concert at Birmingham Symphony Hall, performing his own compositions as a solo artist, with guest musicians from contrasting disciplines, and with the Sheffield Philharmonic Orchestra.

Gordon's music continues to evade categorisation, influenced as it is by the rock guitar of Hank Marvin and Pete Townshend, the folk guitar of Bert Jansch and John Renbourn, and the classical guitar of Julian Bream and John Williams. He has released 25 original studio albums, plus numerous live albums and compilations.

There is currently no sign of Gordon hanging up his guitars, and he still performs dozens of concerts a year around the country, earning the respect of fans and fellow musicians alike.

Graham Hazelwood   (March 2006)

For full information on Gordon, please visit his website here

Please listen to the sample MP3 music files below which will give you a feel for Gordon's music. If you need more information or would like to discuss booking Gordon, please get in touch using the details on the Contact page.

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Double Vision

Latest Double Vision News

Latest Double Vision News


Double Vision - In Vision is a DVD that captures two specially filmed performances of Gordon Giltrap and Raymond Burley. Although both artists have completely different styles they manage to blend both styles together effortlessly in two intimate performances filmed in late 2006 at Stickford Church and Fulston Manor.

Having already recorded an album together in 2004 entitled Double Vision, the next logical step was to film these two wonderful artists in concert and two specially arranged concerts were set up in late 2006. Both performances feature the two musicians bringing out the best in each other in this rare coupling.

As Gordon Giltrap's and Raymond Burley's schedules rarely allow them the opportunity to play together this DVD will be seen as the next best thing to actually experiencing a live concert.

The DVD contains both concerts in full and also an interview feature entitled Meet Ray and Gordon.

Orders are now being taken on the dedicated micro website.
For more details and to place an order please go to: Double Vision orders

Click either arrow twice to play the video ( please remember this is a low resolution sample and not representative of the actual DVD quality )

sholton 17


Gordon and Raymond recently spent a very pleasant day with their good friend Paul White at his studio in Malvern where they recorded two pieces: Kaz and Tears of Joy. Their Double Vision CD was released in 2006 by Voiceprint and is now re-released by the German company Hypertension with the title 'Double Vision - Special Edition'; the two new pieces will be included as bonus tracks. The recording has been re-mastered and has different artwork.

Raymond says:
We're very grateful to Rob Ayling at Voiceprint for releasing the Double Vision album but we all now realise that it was a just a little too specialist for their market. Hypertension is the company that released my solo Giltrap album The Long Road Home at the end of last year.

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Gordon Giltrap

Gordon Giltrap News April 2010

Gordon Giltrap News April 2010
Gordon Giltrap's Shining Morn tour kicks off this Thursday 29th April in Wakefield

The guitar guru is celebrating four decades of live music during his Shining Morn tour which ranges in style to encompass pop from the 60s and 70s, his renowned BBC Holiday theme Heartsong and his many classic compositions. Gordon plays rock, blues, folk and classical inspired tunes on at least 6 different guitars with some clever technology to enhance his instrumental masterpieces. In Dodo's Dream, he samples his live music onstage to ensure no two performances are the same.

Gordon has performed throughout his life and joined his first band in his teens which allowed him to play songs by his idols such as Cliff Richard, The Shadows and The Everly Brothers. He released his self-titled debut album in 1968 and has worked to break new ground with every album since, resulting in a vast repertoire. In the late 70s, Gordon rose to fame with his hit album Perilous Journey and two hit singles, Fear of the Dark and the Ivor Novello nominated theme to BBC's Holiday, Heartsong.

During the tour Gordon will play tunes from the forthcoming Shining Morn album ( due out 17th May, but available to download or pre-order from Amazon now ) as well as a selection of Giltrap classics.

29th April, Theatre Royal, Wakefield
30th April, Lighthouse, Poole
1st May, Trinity, Tunbridge Wells
4th May, The Pavilion, Worthing
5th May, Camberley Theatre, Camberley
6th May, Prince of Wales Theatre, Cannock
9th May, The Capitol, Horsham
12th May, The Civic Theatre, Doncaster
13th May, The Castle Theatre, Wellingborough
26th May, St David's Hall, Cardiff
27th May, Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon
4th June, Malvern Theatre, Malvern
13th June, City Hall, Salisbury
24th June Alban Arena

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WIN a Gordon Giltrap Signature Guitar

WIN a Gordon Giltrap Signature Guitar

You can WIN a Gordon Giltrap Signature Guitar !!

In recognition of Gordon's contribution to the world of guitar music for more than 40 years, John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd. the worldwide trade distributors of Vintage ® brand instruments has launched the Vintage Gordon Giltrap Signature electro acoustic Guitar.

Designed in conjunction with respected master luthier Rob Armstrong and Gordon himself, this crossover Grand Auditorium/000 style Vintage electro-acoustic is based on a handcrafted instrument that Rob made back in 1980 and Gordon plays today. You can win one of these exclusive instruments, worth more than £700, by answering this simple question:

"What was the title of the Gordon Giltrap hit that was the theme for the
BBC 'Holiday' programme?"

Send your answer by email to giltrapguitar@googlemail.com or on a postcard to

Giltrap Guitar,
Grover House,
Victoria Street,
Tunbridge Wells,
Kent. TN1 2QB

Don't forget to include your name, address and contact telephone number.

Competition closes on 30th June 2010.

A full list of competition rules are available from the above address.

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Double Vision

Double Vision Concert Dates

Double Vision Concert Dates

Below is a list of forthcoming Double Vision performances

20th Sept 2008 at 7.30pm

Three Parts Guitar (Raymond Burley, Gordon Giltrap and John Etheridge) with special guest Rick Wakeman

Birmingham Town Hall
Victoria Square
Birmingham B3 3DQ
phone: 0121 780 3333

website: www.thsh.co.uk/page/town-hall-birmingham/
PRICE: £18.00

8th Nov 2008 at  7.30pm

Double Vision concert

Holywell Music Room,
Holywell Street
Oxford OX1 3

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Gordon Giltrap

Private Concerts

Private Concerts


During his 40 year career, Gordon has played in pretty much every kind of venue in the UK from the grandeur of Birmingham's Symphony Hall to tiny, out of the way village halls. He enjoys performing in all types of venues and particularly loves the challenge that the smaller venues present where the front rows of the audience are 'up close and intimate'.

This is where YOU come in. If you would like Gordon to perform a private concert especially for you and your friends in your home (or at a venue of your choice) then call or email me. See the Contact page.

We do need to make it clear though that these concerts are not suitable for some functions but are for listening audiences to enjoy the fun and, of course, the outstanding guitar playing that everyone has to come to expect from a Gordon Giltrap concert.

To find out more, please get in touch using the details on the Contact page.

If you prefer the sound of the classical guitar, you can also book a private performance by Raymond Burley using the same method.

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Agent for Raymond Burley

Exclusive Private Events

Exclusive Private Events

Raymond Burley - Exclusive Private Events
Private parties
Concert recitals
Corporate events

Raymond welcomes opportunities to perform music in less formal settings and is available, by special arrangement, to play for exclusive private parties, recitals for soirées and corporate events. He is available to perform throughout the UK and abroad.

If required, Raymond is able to provide light amplification (all of which is PAT tested - an important safety requirement for many quality venues). He also carries Public Liability Insurance - a copy of the certificate is available on request. He is a member of the Musicians' Union.

An accomplished guitarist, his varied programmes (drawn from a wide repertoire, to suit different audiences and events) feature music from the renaissance to the present day, including Spanish and Latin American music. He is constantly adding to his repertoire with works from all periods. Please see Raymond's website for more details.

Raymond can tailor his performance to your requirements with the flexibility to create various moods: a sophisticated ambience for dinners, a relaxed style for low-key events or more rhythmic styles for a lively atmosphere. For private or corporate events his stylish and relaxing music can provide a sophisticated setting for guests without stifling conversation.

Raymond has extensive experience gained worldwide in performance, both singularly and in ensemble settings. He has performed at many prestigious venues including London's Wigmore Hall, Purcell Room and Symphony Hall in Birmingham as well smaller halls and at functions including weddings, Masonic functions, Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary celebrations etc.

Raymond's music will add a touch of class to any occasion; whether providing a gentle and entertaining musical background, or a full recital style performance, the classical guitar is perfect for many types of event.

Contact me, Sue Holton to discuss the event you are planning. My details are on the Contact page.

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Gordon Giltrap

Guitar String Jewellery

Guitar String Jewellery
My name is Kaz Boulton, I am a conceptual artist who started to make my own jewellery to satisfy my need for individuality especially for the opening night of shows. I started to get asked by friends and family to make individual pieces for them. I started making twisted wire jewellery about a year ago, making presents for friends and family.

I have known Gordon and Hilary for a few years through Gordon’s music and consider them great friends of mine; I was commissioned by Gordon and Hilary to make a set for a friend and started selling jewellery at Gordon’s concerts - it was not planned it just happened.

Gordon has for years saved his used guitar strings, signed them and given them away in exchange for donations to charity which was a great way of using and adding value to technically a waste product. We all believe in recycling and finding new uses for redundant products, so this adventure started with a daft idea of  ‘could I make jewellery out of guitar strings ?’, the easy sensible answer was no, but after a few days and weeks of trial and tribulation I came up with a successful formula for a bead, then a set and then the packaging.

My ordinary twisted wire bead sets take about five and a half hours to make but the guitar string ones take a quite a while longer. They are much harder on the hands to work with.

I hope you like the jewellery and if you buy a set I hope you enjoy wearing them, they are very unusual, will be a very limited edition and a great way of recycling.

sholton 1141

sholton 1141
sholton 1141

The sets of jewellery are made up of the following materials:

Chain, fittings and ear wires are Sterling Silver.

Each set of handmade beads are made from at least one set of guitar strings (Gordon’s recycled guitar strings) and each bead contains silver plated copper wire.

The necklace length is approximately 18 inches (46cm) Longer lengths can be made upon request when ordering.

There might be a slight difference in the colour of the sets of jewellery depending on the type of guitar strings used, but each set will match as a set is made from one set of strings or if two sets have to be used a set will be made from the same make of strings.

The sets can take up to three weeks to send out as they are individually made to order.

Each set comes in a beautiful presentation box with a signed and numbered certificate from Gordon and I as part of a limited edition. The certificate explains how it all came about and our connection and friendship.

The first design will be limited to a production run of 25 only.

Contact details

To order : Email Me or phone 07881 960305

Price £35   postage and packaging with insurance will be £6

£5 from every sale is donated to the North Staffordshire Branch of the MS Society

Thank you for your interest in this product


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Sue Holton Web services

What is SlabMedia ?

What is SlabMedia
Since early 2007, I have been working with Boston company SlabMedia setting up websites, primarily for UK musicians.

I discovered Slab while researching the best options to build a new website for guitarist Gordon Giltrap. I was looking at sites for other musicians, and stumbled across Ellis Paul's site. Ellis's site had all the features that I needed for Gordon; I was especially impressed by the comprehensive capablities of the gig guide which would allow me to enter much more detailed information in a standardised format.

When I first contacted Slab and spoke to owner Jim Infantino I bombarded him with questions about how the modular set up would work for a UK based musician, as previously they had only had US clients. Jim was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, impressing me greatly with the way the Slab500 sytem worked and could be adapted for individual users.

A major selling point for me was the fact that it was straightforward to edit the site from any computer with Internet access, and that extra pages could be added to the original modules for no extra cost. Add to this the fact that Jim and Catherine are readily available with help and advice, and the choice was made - it had to be Slab !

Although the sites can be built be someone with no special knowledge of computers, it is still an advantage to be fairly confident in IT and understand some html and know a little about how the Internet works and things such as domain names. The Slab system itself is a CMS ( Content Management System ) and like all computer programmes, involves a steep initial learning curve as you come to terms with how everything functions.

My role working with Slab came about after the success of Gordon's site, when word spread and I was approached by other people to work on new sites for them.

There are a selection of modules available for different functions - see the Slab website for more info - or if necessary Jim will build a new module to suit the users requirements. Once completed, sites need to be hosted with Slab in the USA for technical reasons.

Each site is individually custom designed to suit the client - no templates are used. The result is that although site components function in the same way, each site will have a totally unique look.

Interested ? Find out more on the next page ........ Click here

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Completed Sites

Raymond Burley

Raymond Burley


The next site to go live was for classical guitarist Raymond Burley. From time to time, Raymond partners Gordon Giltrap in the duo 'Double Vision' and like Gordon, had an existing website that needed a new look and increased functionality.

The site follows the same modular format, but like all Slab sites, manages to achieve an individual style and character which reflects the musical talents of it's owner.

Raymond too has been delighted with his new site and the positive reactions from users.

Quote from Raymond:
It's looking fantastic! All the links, etc. on the 'Diary' page..... it's a brilliant job.
The site is such an impressive piece of work,  
Thanks so much

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Gordon Giltrap

Symphony Hall Merchandise

Symphony Hall Merchandise

Were you at the Symphony Hall Concert ?

Did you leave without buying the special  
Or did you have to miss the event itself ?

Sorry - SOLD OUT.

sholton 530

sholton 530

Gordon's usual full colour tour programme was updated especially for the event, with extra information on the orchestra and the running order for the night, it also includes:

Welcome Letter from Gordon, How I Compose, Stories behind the Tunes (On Camber Sands - Lucifer's Cage - Heartsong - A Misunderstood Man - Rain in the Doorway - Rainbow Kites - Who Knows Where Tomorrow Goes - Isabella's Wedding - Quest for Nonsuch - A Dublin Day - Down the River - The Picnic - Daisy Chains - Nursery Chimes - The Kerry Dancers), The Giltrap Interview (A Conversation with Ian Wood) details of some of his guitars and more. A must for all Giltrap fans.

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Double Vision

About Double Vision

About Double Vision
Gordon Giltrap and Raymond Burley, both well established solo artists have combined forces - together they are Double Vision

This exciting partnership allows both artists to expand and continue to bring new dimensions to their performance.

Gordon and Raymond are equally well respected; each have been masters of their craft for nigh on forty years. Since their chance meeting at a national gathering of guitar teachers in 2001, the obvious chemistry between these two virtuosos has flourished. They immediately broke down any preconceived ideas about the collaboration between a classical musician and a rock musician.

about 9

Gordon is an outstanding and innovative steel string acoustic guitar player and composer, who has developed his own unique style of playing. With nearly 40 years in the music business, he has produced among other things, an impressive catalogue of music for TV. This includes the hit single "Heartsong" which was the theme for the BBC's Holiday Programme for many years, and was nominated for a prestigious Ivor Novello award. He was a principal player in Cliff Richard's musical "Heathcliff" writing two pieces for the show and appearing nightly as the Troubadour, a role which triggered a cd by the same name.

about 9

Raymond is a highly skilled classical guitarist who also performs solo, as part of the Rodrigo Guitar Trio, and has worked with many of the UK's finest orchestras. He has numerous recordings and radio appearances to his credit, and a track record of successful creative partnerships with some of the most respected names in the world of classical music. He has toured widely in the UK, Europe, South America, USA and Canada.

Double Vision brings a fusion of these two genres. The sound of nylon strings combined with steel strings creates a sound quite like no other. With Raymond's classically inspired arrangements the music feels new and refreshing, taking Gordon's compositions to new heights.

The music of Double Vision has been described by many as "sublimely beautiful." This description itself should be enough, but when combined with Gordon's more strident pieces like the classic "Heartsong" or the earlier "Fast Approaching" it creates a new level of musical experience for the listener which defies categorisation. There are some short music sample MP3 files at the bottom of the page for you to enjoy.

In concert, all of this is presented in an intimate and accessible manner, with no hint of pretension, making for a highly entertaining musical experience.

Raymond Burley and Gordon Giltrap play Raymond's arrangement of Gordon's composition 'Daisy Chain' at Buxton Opera House as part of the 'Three Parts Guitar' Tour, Sept 2009. Recorded and edited by Harold Houldershaw.

Steve Marsh wrote a review of the "Double Vision" CD in the Dec 2005 edition of Classical Guitar Magazine and reported :

"This is a recording to savour and will surely satisfy classical guitarists and folk guitarists alike. When reviewing two players of this standard it seems almost an insult to state how well they perform, but there have been fusions of top musicians before which have simply not worked for some reason or another, but I'm happy to report that Burley and Giltrap gel so well in this enterprise that it would seem they had been playing together much longer than just these few years. Highly recommended."

For detailed individual biographies and reviews please see Raymond's and Gordon's websites or for more information on booking Double Vision, please get in touch using the details on the Contact page.

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Completed Sites

Tracy Sollis Leukaemia Trust

Tracy Sollis Leukaemia Trust


I was delighted to be approached by the Trustees of the Tracy Sollis Leukaemia Trust when the time came for them to consider a new website. I was able to give them an extremely competitive price and build a site with a distinctive look - I was aiming to combine a serious medical and charitable message with a site that would be appealing to all age groups, especially younger readers.

I am still adding content to the background / archive sections of the site as the Trust has never tried to document their past to such an extent before and collecting together all the information required has proved to be a slower process than I expected from the band of dedicated volunteers.

updated: 12 years ago